Houli Forest Park Area 2020/02/23
Mysterious Forest
Forest Park Area
Based on the ideas of ecological sustainability and aesthetics, the area focuses on the exploration of forest diversity on our planet. Through the use of images, sounds, stories and installation art, it presents topics related to environmental education.
Art World
Horse Ranch Park Area
The Horse Ranch Park is named "Art Creativity World". The area is based on the purpose of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, that is "Root of Folk Culture and Internationalization of Traditions". It plans to combine traditional lanterns with mechanical dynamic technology and multimedia to present classic lantern art.
Children’s Paradise
Wenxin Forest Park
As a Secondary Exhibition Area, the Wenxin Forest Park is dubbed as a “Fun Park for Children,” with family-friendly tours and children’s fun as its theme. Multiple lantern sections with different themes and stage shows are being planned for the park to make it a “forest amusement park for children” in downtown Taichung.
Selected Video Clips
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