The Mayor's Invitation

With beautiful coastline and green forests, Taichung has rich ecological and cultural resources. As the center of economic development in central Taiwan, Taichung has held many major festival events with great success.  The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is another major effort to boost the economy and build a city of prosperity.


Taiwan Lantern Festival, held at the beginning of the lunar new year, displays the traditional lantern making techniques as well as the application of new materials and technologies. The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival hopes to share with local and international visitors our traditional cultural values and latest scientific innovation. The entire staff of Taichung City Government work tightly together to  present an event that features brilliant displays and innovative technologies.


You are all invited to Taichung. After visiting the cosmopolitan city and the towns in the mountains and by the coast during the daytime, please stay in the evening to enjoy the stunning 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival.