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Where does the flying flashlight come from?

flying flashlight

Through this article, you will be able to know everything about the origin of the flying flashlight, its characteristics, its use, its risks and some curious information about them.

Origin of the flying flashlight

The flying lantern is also known as the flying lantern, Chinese lantern, wish lantern, fire globe its origin is due to the East.

An ancient tradition, its creation had as its main purpose military communication and assistance on dark roads in times of war.

Currently, that end no longer exists, and they are used in various celebrations as symbols of happiness, peace, abundance and desired desires.

These lanterns are used in important events such as “The Taiwan Lantern Festival”. Currently they consist of complex, bizarre decorations, with symbols of the Chinese horoscope.

Flying Flashlight Features

Among the main characteristics of these flashlights you have:
– It’s an aerial flashlight.
– Made with rice paper and its shell or covered with bamboo or metal.
– They are mostly red and very striking.
– Pioneers of hot air balloons.
– They are easy to use.
– They are totally biodegradable.
– Your flight time does not exceed 15 minutes.

Using the flying flashlight

Currently, all over the world you get them, you can see them at weddings, birthdays, Christmas. In any case, they come to generate happiness and a fabulous show by lighting up the sky.

To be able to use them, firstly, you write down your most desired wishes and place them inside the lamp. You proceed to turn it on and then release it. It will delight you with its fabulous journey, while the sky lights up and then descend a few minutes later near the area.

Don’t forget to ask for your wishes before releasing the flashlight. If you want to create your own flying flashlight you will need:

For the frame, parchment paper, as it is fabulous in this case. For the frame a metal wire. To prepare the fuel, you must melt candle wax in a pot and cover a strip of cloth with it.

Finally, to turn on the floating lantern, light the piece of cloth. Try to do it in a safe place and outdoors.

Flying lantern hazards

Like bonfires and pyrotechnic material, these lanterns can cause fires, if they fall into any forest or flammable site. You should take into account the fact that there are some cheaper and poor quality lanterns, more prone to fires, because they do not have fire retardant treatment material so that the balloon does not burn.

Always remember that you use these flashlights, do it responsibly. It is not advisable to let children use it and less without the supervision of an adult.

Fun facts about these flying lanterns

Among the most relevant data are:
– The Yee Peng in Chiang Mai “The Flying Lantern Festival” is the most anticipated festival for Thais. This festival is characterized by the fact that for 2 nights the lanterns light up the Thai sky
– It’s a free party.
– They are hot air balloons, made with rice paper, bamboo or metal and a fuel pellet.
– Those nights the count of the thousands of lanterns that are released to the sky by the people who attend the event is lost.
– The flight of these lanterns is made near the Ping River in Chiang Mai, because being an open space, the lanterns fly easier and with less risk of causing fires.
– These lanterns are a symbol of good luck and fortune in all parts of the world.

With this article, you are sure to know more now about these beautiful lanterns. Now you could even try making one yourself and enjoy this wonderful experience.