The best Asian festivals

Asian culture is usually very diverse and rich in celebrations, whether for mystical reasons or for fun. In addition to being very popular, these Asian festivals have specific qualities that attract a lot of attention. Below, you can read about different festivals that take place on the continent.

Thailand Yi Peng Lantern Festival

One of the best known festivals in Asia and in honor of the venerable Buddha, it takes place in this beautiful country in conjunction with another festival called Loy Krathong.

It is celebrated annually and its exact date is only announced a few days before its start. It is based on placing sex balloons of light in the shape of a lotus flower on the surface of the water, as an emblem of fortune and to make a wish.

Holi Festival of India

A beautiful tradition full of colors that is celebrated after the full moon in March. More than being one of the festivals in Asia, it has become very popular in other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

This ancient practice full of colored powders is based on the evocation of the triumph of good over evil after destroying the demon Holika.

Japan Winter Lights Festival

Considered one of the best-known Asian xvideos festivals that takes place between the last two months of the year and the first three of the next. In the town of Kuwana, you can visit the place of celebration that consists of a park where you can see large edens and very extravagant houses. In addition to walking wide paths and tunnels of lights with flowers.

Boryeong Mud Festival

In this Korean town you can enjoy an extraordinary mud festival. It is usually held annually and in the beginning it was only to advertise recognized cosmetics. Nowadays it became a tradition, where the inhabitants transport the mud from the mountain to the bay.

Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China

As you can see, the great diversity of Asian festivals also includes cold. Well, this is the show of construction of sculptures in these materials most relevant there is and is held annually in the town of Harbin in Heilongjiang.

asian festivals

Thai Full Moon Party

Another of the best-known Asian festivals is this, because its beginnings were thanks to a group of travelers who, on a visit to the famous island of Koh Phangan, observed how great the full moon looked.

From that moment on, this festival became a tradition and every full moon takes place, gathering more than 10,000 people.

Basant Festival in India

A good Asian festival that is celebrated according to the Punjabi calendar on the 5th day of the lunar month, that is, between the months of January and February.

The most characteristic of this xhamster celebration are the thousands of kites that soar at the beginning of spring.

Ghost Festival in China

It is celebrated during the fifteenth day of the month of July. It is based on the beliefs of Buddhism and Taoism, according to which it is said that spirits go out to visit their relatives.

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Held in Malaysia, this festival is known for raising many hot air balls for 4 days. In addition, it includes different activities such as climbing and archery.

Banquet of the Dark Nazarene

One of the most religiously recognized festivals in Asia, developed in the Philippines. In this celebration you will be able to observe thousands of citizens walking in a procession, without wearing shoes. A celebration that has attracted thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

As you can see, Asia has a great variety of festivities that are worth knowing. Don’t miss any of them, during your next visit to this continent rich in culture, gastronomy and tradition.

Where does the flying flashlight come from?

flying flashlight

Through this article, you will be able to know everything about the origin of the flying flashlight, its characteristics, its use, its risks and some curious information about them.

Origin of the flying flashlight

The flying lantern is also known as the flying lantern, Chinese lantern, wish lantern, fire globe its origin is due to the East.

An ancient tradition, its creation had as its main purpose military communication and assistance on dark roads in times of war.

Currently, that end no longer exists, and they are used in various celebrations as symbols of happiness, peace, abundance and desired desires.

These lanterns are used in important events such as “The Taiwan Lantern Festival”. Currently they consist of complex, bizarre decorations, with symbols of the Chinese horoscope.

Flying Flashlight Features

Among the main characteristics of these flashlights you have:
– It’s an aerial flashlight.
– Made with rice paper and its shell or covered with bamboo or metal.
– They are mostly red and very striking.
– Pioneers of hot air balloons.
– They are easy to use.
– They are totally biodegradable.
– Your flight time does not exceed 15 minutes.

Using the flying flashlight

Currently, all over the world you get them, you can see them at weddings, birthdays, Christmas. In any case, they come to generate happiness and a fabulous show by lighting up the sky.

To be able to use them, firstly, you write down your most desired wishes and place them inside the lamp. You proceed to turn it on and then release it. It will delight you with its fabulous journey, while the sky lights up and then descend a few minutes later near the area.

Don’t forget to ask for your wishes before releasing the flashlight. If you want to create your own flying flashlight you will need:

For the frame, parchment paper, as it is fabulous in this case. For the frame a metal wire. To prepare the fuel, you must melt candle wax in a pot and cover a strip of cloth with it.

Finally, to turn on the floating lantern, light the piece of cloth. Try to do it in a safe place and outdoors.

Flying lantern hazards

Like bonfires and pyrotechnic material, these lanterns can cause fires, if they fall into any forest or flammable site. You should take into account the fact that there are some cheaper and poor quality lanterns, more prone to fires, because they do not have fire retardant treatment material so that the balloon does not burn.

Always remember that you use these flashlights, do it responsibly. It is not advisable to let children use it and less without the supervision of an adult.

Fun facts about these flying lanterns

Among the most relevant data are:
– The Yee Peng in Chiang Mai “The Flying Lantern Festival” is the most anticipated festival for Thais. This festival is characterized by the fact that for 2 nights the lanterns light up the Thai sky
– It’s a free party.
– They are hot air balloons, made with rice paper, bamboo or metal and a fuel pellet.
– Those nights the count of the thousands of lanterns that are released to the sky by the people who attend the event is lost.
– The flight of these lanterns is made near the Ping River in Chiang Mai, because being an open space, the lanterns fly easier and with less risk of causing fires.
– These lanterns are a symbol of good luck and fortune in all parts of the world.

With this article, you are sure to know more now about these beautiful lanterns. Now you could even try making one yourself and enjoy this wonderful experience.

How to make a flying lantern?

Flying lanterns or Chinese lanterns have had quite an amazing worldwide recognition. They have become especially popular in specific celebrations such as Christmas, as they are often used to make wishes. Next, you will see how to make a flying lantern.

Flying Lanterns

The birth of these beautiful lanterns was in ancient China. At the time of its creation, a small candle was placed on top of a bamboo frame and its exterior was made with rice paper. The way to make them rise in the skies is by lighting the candle bathed in oil, causing the heat to concentrate inside, decreasing the density and thus they float.

The history of the flying lanterns is very rich, as it is said that their existence dates back to long before Christ. Approximately in the 3rd century, where it was first used for signaling in fighting. Other stories tell that they were used by emperors when a visitor came to their lands. In addition, to be used to drive away evil spirits and bring good fortune.

Meaning of colors

As in many other cultures, when you make objects in certain colors it has a special meaning. This happens when flying lanterns are made, below, you can read the meaning of the different pigments that are used in the popular traditions of China.

1. Blue color: the flashlight in this color represents the falling energy, it is usually used when a person is sick.
2. Red hue: reveals strength and good energies, it is also used to announce a marriage or a beginning.
3. White pigment: this pure color represents mourning.
In addition to the meaning of the colors, you should know that depending on the dimensions and the elevation to which they are hung, the lanterns reveal the status within society.

how to make a flying lantern

How to make a flying lantern?

To make beautiful Chinese lamps, you must have the following materials:
1. Four sheets of white tissue paper
2. Four sheets of blue tissue paper
3. Special spray for paper
4. Four bamboo sticks, about 12 inches long.
5. Brown paper
6. Pencil or pens
7. Earwigs
8. White paste
9. Florist wiring, preferably green.

How do you build it?

Now you get to the key point of how to make a flying lantern. Following a few very simple steps you can achieve it:

1. The first thing you should do is hang the blue paper that you will put near the candle, on a clothesline. Then you should moisten it with the spray, without touching the corners. Let it dry well.

2. Model the exterior of the lantern. This can be done on brown paper, using 101 centimeters long by 31 centimeters at the base as measurements.

3. Now, you must glue each fold of sheet of blue paper with a white one around the edges and let it dry well.

4. Subsequently, you must section one side of what will be the lantern, there must be four and they are glued together with white glue.

5. Glue them all on the sides, leaving the bottom part open like a bag and let it dry.

6. With the wires form a circle of 26 centimeters. On this you must place the bamboo sticks, in the shape of an x. Fix it with glue on the arch.

7. Then, you must cut the wire in 2, which are longer than the diameter where the bamboo sticks are placed.

8. Finally, where the candle should be placed, put a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, fix it well in the center of the wires and you can light it.

You already have the basic knowledge of how to make a flying lantern, so you can apply it and make the wishes you want. Try it!

Meet the lantern festival in Taiwan

Meet the lantern festival in Taiwan

Discover through this interesting article, the origin of the lantern festival in Taiwan, its majesty, and some curious facts about it.

Origin of the lantern festival in Taiwan

It was created during the period (220 and 265 AD), mainly for military communication purposes, in times of war. Over time, this end was forgotten, and became a symbol of prosperity, hope, happiness and blessings, where every year, the faithful to this tradition pray and make their wishes through these beautiful lanterns or silk lanterns.

The main emblem of the lantern festival is the Chinese zodiac sign that corresponds to that particular year.

Majesty of the lantern festival in Taiwan

Formerly, only the nobles and the emperor were those who enjoyed the possession of these lanterns, characterized at that time by their simplicity and simplicity. Today, they are accessible to the world, and are characterized by various striking figures and complex decorations.

They are mostly represented in red, which according to cultural meaning, attract fortune.

This lantern festival, which is also known as the Yuan Xiao festival, occurs around the time of the Chinese New Year, which coincides with the arrival of the spring season and with the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.  This event takes place in China and in some Asian countries.

The beauty of the tradition is that both you and other people, you can buy your own lantern, for a cost of approximately 10 euros.

Then you write your deepest desires of the soul, you proceed to turn on the lantern, which is already conditioned for this, culminating in the release to heaven of the lantern, having the certainty that your wishes will be fulfilled and the streak of the old year will go away.

The themes of the lantern festival vary according to the year or the city where they are held. In the case of this current year (2020), the theme was “The fantasy forest”. For the year 2021, it will begin on February 26, an event that allows you to celebrate happiness and family togetherness.

The majesty of this festival is in the lighting that these balloons produce when they are floating in the sky, like bright stars or balls of fire.

According to the spectators, the most illuminated sky has been that of Taiwan. The lanterns are not the only attraction, there are also puzzle games, typical sweets made of rice, dances, among other activities.

Lantern Festival Fun Facts in Taiwan

The following data may draw your attention to this beautiful festival:
– It is the most important traditional celebration in Taiwan and China.
– Considered one of the most important festivals in the world.
– The lanterns refer to the Chinese horoscope.
– Its celebration takes place annually.
– Gather thousands of loyal fans, from children to seniors. From Taiwanese to foreigners.
– A festival driven by the support of large hotels, airlines and tourism companies.
– It is a tradition in this festival, to eat white turnips, fish, pineapple and rice balls on the last day of the first lunar month. With this it is expected to have health, fortune, peace, union and abundance for the coming year.
– In addition to flashlights, rockets and fireworks are also seen in the sky during the celebration.
– Another origin that is told in Taiwan around this festival is that people threw these lanterns into the sky when they announced that the criminals and bandits had already left the area.
– These lanterns are also used at weddings, graduations, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays.
– The quality and safety varies depending on the type of flashlight.
– There is a possibility that these flashlights start fires.

If tourism and fun are in your plans, I assure you that attending this festival will always be an excellent option.