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How to make a flying lantern?

Flying lanterns or Chinese lanterns have had quite an amazing worldwide recognition. They have become especially popular in specific celebrations such as Christmas, as they are often used to make wishes. Next, you will see how to make a flying lantern.

Flying Lanterns

The birth of these beautiful lanterns was in ancient China. At the time of its creation, a small candle was placed on top of a bamboo frame and its exterior was made with rice paper. The way to make them rise in the skies is by lighting the candle bathed in oil, causing the heat to concentrate inside, decreasing the density and thus they float.

The history of the flying lanterns is very rich, as it is said that their existence dates back to long before Christ. Approximately in the 3rd century, where it was first used for signaling in fighting. Other stories tell that they were used by emperors when a visitor came to their lands. In addition, to be used to drive away evil spirits and bring good fortune.

Meaning of colors

As in many other cultures, when you make objects in certain colors it has a special meaning. This happens when flying lanterns are made, below, you can read the meaning of the different pigments that are used in the popular traditions of China.

1. Blue color: the flashlight in this color represents the falling energy, it is usually used when a person is sick.
2. Red hue: reveals strength and good energies, it is also used to announce a marriage or a beginning.
3. White pigment: this pure color represents mourning.
In addition to the meaning of the colors, you should know that depending on the dimensions and the elevation to which they are hung, the lanterns reveal the status within society.

how to make a flying lantern

How to make a flying lantern?

To make beautiful Chinese lamps, you must have the following materials:
1. Four sheets of white tissue paper
2. Four sheets of blue tissue paper
3. Special spray for paper
4. Four bamboo sticks, about 12 inches long.
5. Brown paper
6. Pencil or pens
7. Earwigs
8. White paste
9. Florist wiring, preferably green.

How do you build it?

Now you get to the key point of how to make a flying lantern. Following a few very simple steps you can achieve it:

1. The first thing you should do is hang the blue paper that you will put near the candle, on a clothesline. Then you should moisten it with the spray, without touching the corners. Let it dry well.

2. Model the exterior of the lantern. This can be done on brown paper, using 101 centimeters long by 31 centimeters at the base as measurements.

3. Now, you must glue each fold of sheet of blue paper with a white one around the edges and let it dry well.

4. Subsequently, you must section one side of what will be the lantern, there must be four and they are glued together with white glue.

5. Glue them all on the sides, leaving the bottom part open like a bag and let it dry.

6. With the wires form a circle of 26 centimeters. On this you must place the bamboo sticks, in the shape of an x. Fix it with glue on the arch.

7. Then, you must cut the wire in 2, which are longer than the diameter where the bamboo sticks are placed.

8. Finally, where the candle should be placed, put a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, fix it well in the center of the wires and you can light it.

You already have the basic knowledge of how to make a flying lantern, so you can apply it and make the wishes you want. Try it!