The best Asian festivals

Asian culture is usually very diverse and rich in celebrations, whether for mystical reasons or for fun. In addition to being very popular, these Asian festivals have specific qualities that attract a lot of attention. Below, you can read about different festivals that take place on the continent.

Thailand Yi Peng Lantern Festival

One of the best known festivals in Asia and in honor of the venerable Buddha, it takes place in this beautiful country in conjunction with another festival called Loy Krathong.

It is celebrated annually and its exact date is only announced a few days before its start. It is based on placing sex balloons of light in the shape of a lotus flower on the surface of the water, as an emblem of fortune and to make a wish.

Holi Festival of India

A beautiful tradition full of colors that is celebrated after the full moon in March. More than being one of the festivals in Asia, it has become very popular in other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

This ancient practice full of colored powders is based on the evocation of the triumph of good over evil after destroying the demon Holika.

Japan Winter Lights Festival

Considered one of the best-known Asian xvideos festivals that takes place between the last two months of the year and the first three of the next. In the town of Kuwana, you can visit the place of celebration that consists of a park where you can see large edens and very extravagant houses. In addition to walking wide paths and tunnels of lights with flowers.

Boryeong Mud Festival

In this Korean town you can enjoy an extraordinary mud festival. It is usually held annually and in the beginning it was only to advertise recognized cosmetics. Nowadays it became a tradition, where the inhabitants transport the mud from the mountain to the bay.

Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China

As you can see, the great diversity of Asian festivals also includes cold. Well, this is the show of construction of sculptures in these materials most relevant there is and is held annually in the town of Harbin in Heilongjiang.

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Thai Full Moon Party

Another of the best-known Asian festivals is this, because its beginnings were thanks to a group of travelers who, on a visit to the famous island of Koh Phangan, observed how great the full moon looked.

From that moment on, this festival became a tradition and every full moon takes place, gathering more than 10,000 people.

Basant Festival in India

A good Asian festival that is celebrated according to the Punjabi calendar on the 5th day of the lunar month, that is, between the months of January and February.

The most characteristic of this xhamster celebration are the thousands of kites that soar at the beginning of spring.

Ghost Festival in China

It is celebrated during the fifteenth day of the month of July. It is based on the beliefs of Buddhism and Taoism, according to which it is said that spirits go out to visit their relatives.

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Held in Malaysia, this festival is known for raising many hot air balls for 4 days. In addition, it includes different activities such as climbing and archery.

Banquet of the Dark Nazarene

One of the most religiously recognized festivals in Asia, developed in the Philippines. In this celebration you will be able to observe thousands of citizens walking in a procession, without wearing shoes. A celebration that has attracted thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

As you can see, Asia has a great variety of festivities that are worth knowing. Don’t miss any of them, during your next visit to this continent rich in culture, gastronomy and tradition.

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